Vote For Leonard Segal for UTLA President

Experience, Compassionate and Effective Leadership


Our current leadership is failing you and all of our members.

This union is supposed to be about you, and here for you at your school site when you need it every day, and when you have the urgent need to be defended.  

The people at the top act as though they are unaccountable and can do whatever they want to, ignoring us while they go off on various campaigns.

They are accountable, to you! And need to be replaced.

Your dues should be used primarily to improve your experience as an educator, improving your pay and defending your rights. 

That is what I and everyone on our slate will do! 

You need this union laser-focused on your classroom and school site, your pay, your safety, and defending your rights under our contract.

That is what I and everyone on our slate will do! 


Vote For Leonard Segal for UTLA President

Call me at (310) 896-5304‬ if you have any questions. I want to hear your ideas to improve this union and more about your specific needs at your school site. 


Standing United!


Colleen H. Schwab

Social Studies/Spanish/English Teacher

35 years
Chapter Chair 27 years
Valley West Area Chair
UTLA Secondary Vice President

“I fully endorse Leonard Segal! Leonard helped me a lot teaching at LAUSD and always got back to me right away with any questions I had if I called him on the phone and needed help!! He would be an excellent choice for President at UTLA!!!”

Cleonice Caprecie,
Substitute Teacher


You deserve a union that works for you and with you

You got into education to make a difference. You should make a great living too!


Email: LeonardSegal@UnitedTeamForChange.com

After 27 years, attending every UTLA meeting for 12 years, negotiating contracts, and counseling teachers facing challenges, I know how to protect your job, your benefits and your rights and I’m asking for your vote to be your next UTLA president.

  • I am the only candidate who can save your job from being replaced by AI automation.
  • I’ll create a new funding mechanism for schools, classrooms & teachers to have higher pay & financial security.
  • With my leadership, you are guaranteed more money in retirement!


Vote For Leonard Segal for UTLA President

We owe it to teachers and students to use the best tools and technology to engage students in ways that inspire them, make learning relevant and rewarding, and excite them about coming to school. 

You got into teaching to make a difference not to make a fortune. But you should make an excellent living while you are helping to build excellence in our schools! 

No teacher should have to take on a second “gig” job to make due or have to pay for classroom supplies out of their own pocket. You devote your life to one of the most important and valuable professions in this nation. Your profession creates all other professions. 

You should not have to go hat in hand to beg for a professional wage and benefits and have your livelihood depend on the moods and political fortunes of politicians, bureaucrats, or union factions intent on preserving their own careers and power.

I have a vision and a plan to help you and every stakeholder in our school district fund our careers, fully staff our classrooms, and empower our family of students to attain financial security all while we advance the field of public education into this exciting new age of technological innovation.

You should be making a six figure professional income. You should be able to retire with the time and money you deserve to enjoy some of the best years of your life! 

I know you love teaching and you can’t do that if you are mired in repetitive testing, challenged by overcrowded classrooms, insufficient support staff and wrestling with disengaged disinterested often tired and hungry students who would rather be on their phones.

You deserve to spend your time teaching in the way you know can best serve your students to get the best results for each student. That’s part of what we find rewarding as educators. Not being able to do so is like the district cutting your pay by forty percent. 

Voting for me and the members of the United Team For Change will give you a voice and more power  not just in your classroom but in our union!

We will return democracy to UTLA to empower all of our members again!

The president changed the constitution to take away the veto power of the Hosue Of Representatives giving her the power of a dictator. This silences your voice!

Vote For Change candidates will make sure every one of us has a voice in our union and nobody is silenced, disrespected, or dismissed. You deserve to be heard.

We have a comprehensive plan to raise teacher pay!

Anyone can say raise teacher pay, but we have a comprehensive plan to make it happen. Each and every one of you deserves to be paid a substantial professional salary. We will make that happen, together.


We will do more to stop the abuse and intimidation of teachers!

You deserve to work free of intimidation. We will protect your rights and strengthen your representation during grievance hearings.

 Bring back SCRAM.  Stop member abuses by administrators.


We will end excessive workload increases without additional pay

You should not be expected to do more and more work without being paid for it! Your time should be rewarding to you and you should be well compensated for it.


We will fight for less testing

Testing should not replace time teaching. Students are not standardized cogs in a machine. They are individuals with very individualized needs, learning styles, and challenges.


Restructuring public education for families to better afford to live in L.A.

Students’ families and teachers struggle to be able to afford to live in Los Angeles. We will work to create a modern curriculum that empowers students, teachers, and schools to increase economic stability and security moving forward.


Creating more accountability & transparency for UTLA

When you show up and succeed in getting an important motion passed only to have it disappear into some committee, that is unjust and unacceptable!

We have the expertise and experience to know what UTLA should be doing that they are not doing, and what they are doing that they definitely should not be doing!

We will make UTLA transparent and accountable to you and every rank-and-file member.


Reducing teacher workload

Overcrowded classrooms and insufficient numbers of teachers aids and support staff put undue burdens on you.

We will work together in reducing teacher workloads. 

Making professional development relevant to each teacher

Professional development should be relevant to each teacher.

Removing political factionalism/exclusion within UTLA so we can win together

For too long UTLA has been run like an insiders club. Past officers have been excluded and frozen out in an apparent effort to preserve power.

We will create an inclusive collegial environment and welcome the input, ideas, and participation of every past elected officer, many of whom have a wealth of experience that can continue to help our members.

The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidates and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of UTLA.