You deserve a union that works for you and with you

You got into education to make a difference. You should make a great living too!

Laura Mc Cutcheon

Laura Escamilla McCutcheon


Educator-Union Leader & Team Activist nearly 3 decades!
MOST Experienced Candidate, Elected by You, UTLA–
for 17 years in the NEA Representative Assembly 2006-2024!
Union leadership must hear, see, & be responsive to members,
ask for & respect diverse input, before making big decisions,
to increase member-driven, educator union policies & actions!
My Commitment to Members is to Collaborate to Increase and Protect:
● Benefits, Health Care, Retirement Packages, & Salaries
● Direct Worksite Supports & Safe Campuses for ALL Stakeholders
● Gender & Racial Equality & Justice + Academic Freedoms
● Speaking Truth to Power in BOTH District & Union Bodies
● Testing Reductions (as Won, but not yet obtained, in Our Strike)


    Laura Escamilla McCutcheon

    VOTE Laura Escamilla McCutcheon as NEA Vice President, UTLA activist-leader 3 decades, In United Team 4 Change, we will protect & improve YOUR job, YOUR rights, and YOUR retirement, as UT4C’s most democratic, diverse, & qualified candidates lead to YOUR unions’ survival!  Over a decade, YOUR union power’s been stolen from YOU & moved into a few hands, away from YOUR House of Reps. in recent, undemocratic constitutional changes. 

    Since year 2 teaching, I grew 18 years as an awarded Chapter Chair, in ALL local, state, & national assemblies, on PACE & AAEC, Central & GALIC Steering Committees., & UTLA Women’s Ed. Comm. Chair., elected to represent YOU with my MA in Conflict Management, Negotiations, collaborating in NEA RA nearly 20 years!

    Knowing first hand YOUR burnout in campus work overload & challenges, I hear, respond to, & serve YOU to up UTLA campus services, accountability & transparency with respect for YOUR diversity & member-driven decision-making. Join United Team for Change!


    “Union leaders abuse their positions as union leaders to be politicians. If they want to be politicians, they should run for political office. Their jobs as union leaders are to represent their members to the best of their ability, just as an attorney would represent a client. They should focus on bread and butter union issues instead of wasting time on peripheral issues. We support you [Laura] because you are a person who: (1) is honest, (2) gets things done. You don’t sit around bemoaning reality without action. You act. You clearly demonstrated this in what you did for Emma. Your personal politics are unimportant to me. We need more can-do union leaders like you. We believe that you’ll focus on representing union members.”

    Ralph Ortolano
    High School ROTC Teacher, past LAUSD Sub from Harbor

    Lois Bradford
    Former UTLA Secretary & NEA VP

    MJ Roberts
    Former UTLA NEA VP

    Colleen H. Schwab

    Social Studies/Spanish/English Teacher

    35 years
    Chapter Chair 27 years
    Valley West Area Chair
    UTLA Secondary Vice President
    Tom Rubio

    Maribel Vallarta

    Leti Cervantes

    John Lincoln

    Emma Breslin

    Argentina Rodriguez

    Dan Moran



    Vote For Change!

    We will return democracy to UTLA to empower all of our members again!

    The president changed the constitution to take away the veto power of the Hosue Of Representatives giving her the power of a dictator. This silences your voice!

    Vote For Change candidates will make sure every one of us has a voice in our union and nobody is silenced, disrespected, or dismissed. You deserve to be heard.

    We have a comprehensive plan to raise teacher pay!

    Anyone can say raise teacher pay, but we have a comprehensive plan to make it happen. Each and every one of you deserves to be paid a substantial professional salary. We will make that happen, together.


    We will do more to stop the abuse and intimidation of teachers!

    You deserve to work free of intimidation. We will protect your rights and strengthen your representation during grievance hearings.

     Bring back SCRAM.  Stop member abuses by administrators.


    We will end excessive workload increases without additional pay

    You should not be expected to do more and more work without being paid for it! Your time should be rewarding to you and you should be well compensated for it.


    We will fight for less testing

    Testing should not replace time teaching. Students are not standardized cogs in a machine. They are individuals with very individualized needs, learning styles, and challenges.


    Restructuring public education for families to better afford to live in L.A.

    Students’ families and teachers struggle to be able to afford to live in Los Angeles. We will work to create a modern curriculum that empowers students, teachers, and schools to increase economic stability and security moving forward.


    Creating more accountability & transparency for UTLA

    When you show up and succeed in getting an important motion passed only to have it disappear into some committee, that is unjust and unacceptable!

    We have the expertise and experience to know what UTLA should be doing that they are not doing, and what they are doing that they definitely should not be doing!

    We will make UTLA transparent and accountable to you and every rank-and-file member.


    Reducing teacher workload

    Overcrowded classrooms and insufficient numbers of teachers aids and support staff put undue burdens on you.

    We will work together in reducing teacher workloads. 

    Making professional development relevant to each teacher

    Professional development should be relevant to each teacher.

    Removing political factionalism/exclusion within UTLA so we can win together

    For too long UTLA has been run like an insiders club. Past officers have been excluded and frozen out in an apparent effort to preserve power.

    We will create an inclusive collegial environment and welcome the input, ideas, and participation of every past elected officer, many of whom have a wealth of experience that can continue to help our members.

    The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidates and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of UTLA.