Dear UTLA Chapters , 

Thank you name for fulfilling your vital role in the election by forwarding this email to your members. We all greatly appreciate your service and we are committed to fulfilling our goal to gain professional financial compensation for the chapter chairs because you deserve it and are vitally important to all of our members.

” We ask Chapter Chairs to email all candidate flyers to their members … so that members have the opportunity to be informed voters.” – from The Elections Committee.



Dear UTLA Member,

You are cordially invited to this Wednesday night 2/22/23 

Meet & Greet Zoom from 7 PM to 8 PM. 

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Great door prizes will be awarded to attendees tonight!



  1. Unreasonably low pay
  2. School Safety
  3. Abusive administrators
  4. Too many strikes

Of course you are! We are too!
That is why this time you really need to vote.

Go to HowToVote.Help

for help voting today in our

UTLA election.

The one costly mistake to avoid in this election is letting the 15% of the members who vote, decide your career’s destiny because you and your co-workers did not vote for change.

We’re working to get you the new “Three R’s”

Not reading, writing, and arithmetics, but…

The United Team For Change will: 

Reduce your workload

Restore the joy of teaching, 

Reward your hard work with much higher pay and an enjoyable teaching and school site experience!

Please Vote Today!

Voting in this UTLA election this time is vitally important and critical to your career.

Come hear the solutions to fix these issues, from the
United Team for Change CANDIDATES!

You are cordially invited to this Wednesday’s 2/22/23 

Meet & Greet Zoom from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Zoom link here: Link: 

Meeting ID: 87621316263

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  • meeting only available via zoom.


Learn why the United Team for Change

is the MOST QUALIFIED to LEAD our union, 


classrooms, and improve YOUR PAY and 


Come to find answers to your questions and more. 

Door prizes from Starbucks and Amazon are included.


Zoom link here: Link: 

Meeting ID: 87621316263


Discover that you have a REAL CHOICE this election for CHANGE…


Enjoy the Starbucks and Amazon door prizes!! 


Bring your fellow UTLA members!! 


In UNITY and Solidarity, 

United Team for Change 

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For those people calling in, here are other ways to access the zoom with your telephone:Meeting ID: 876 2131 6263  Find your local number: 

PS. Please share this page with other teachers and other members you know. Your help is vitally important fo us to succeed.


“The information herein represents the views and opinions of the candidate and does not necessarily represent or reflect the opinions of UTLA.”